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Open House Outreach

October 12th Outreach

A month had passed since our first outreach at Lord’s Gym South Sac.  We knew now from experience that it would be a powerful night.  As we did the first outreach, we arrived early and set everything up.  We set up 800 chairs out on the rink and set up a stage.  The band set up to the right of the stage.  Again, we had a kid zone but this time it was inside because it was cold and rainy outside.  We were full of expectation for what God was going to do tonight.  Although the last outreach was what one would call a huge success, we didn’t want to ride the wave of yesterday’s successes…this was a new day and a new outreach.  We prayed and asked God to have His way and show up in a mighty way for the cheap MLB jerseys outreach.  We asked Him to do what we could not do…change lives.  As we assumed our positions again we waited and watched to see who would show up.God is faithful!  Many people began to come pouring in our parking lot just as before.  And although we had already seen it once, we still had to pinch ourselves.  It was just such an incredible sight…none of us will ever get tired of seeing that!  Again, we had over 1000 people come without doing any school assemblies and only targeting the west side of HWY 99.  As we ushered all the people inside we made a few changes from last time.  We had experience on our side for this outreach so we weren’t going to make the same mistakes twice.  We learned a lot of what works that first night…and we learned what not to do as well.  This time we decided to mark hands at the door and not allow people the opportunity to walk in and out.  We weren’t going to let people sit on the perimeter of the rink but instead everyone was instructed to take a seat out on the rink.

While we made these adjustments, we kept some things the same.  We didn’t change the format…we still had raffle tickets and prizes to give away.  Juaquin Fabela rapped and got the crowd hyped up for Radical Reality (Joey Steelman, Terry Douglas, Juaquin Fabela, and Carlos Figueroa).  The team came out and did many incredible feats of strength that awed the crowd.  Joey Steelman came up Científica and began to speak to the crowd Wacker in such a powerful way.  He commanded their attention and the atmosphere was very calm as he spoke.  Joey talked about growing up near this area and how he had made bad choices.  He shared about how he was reached by the Lord’s Gym and gave his life to Jesus as a result.  It was easy for many in the crowd to relate to so much of what he said.  wholesale NFL jerseys When Joey gave the altar call 400 people responded.  wholesale nba jerseys There was such a sweet presence at the alter that night. Some didn’t understand why they were crying.  We overheard some saying, “I have to leave, this music is making me sad.”  Joey explained that it was the presence of God they were feeling and that their tears were OK.  We all began to worship and for many it was the first time they had ever worshiped God, the first time they had ever experienced God.  No matter what they do or where they go they will always remember they encountered God at an altar.  You can imagine what a sensational sight that was.

We ended the night giving away many raffle prizes and with September an invitation for everyone to come back tomorrow for free skating.  As the volunteers cleaned up there was a general sense of exhaustion and elation!  We all knew we Passionate were a part of something bigger than ourselves and that feels good.  It makes everything worth it and we are just thankful God counts us worthy to be apart of His ministry.  You really get the feeling that one can truly make a difference down here.

October 13th Open House

We were back at Lord’s Gym South Sac by ten in the morning.  We weren’t wondering this time if there would be a crowd; anytime you say, “free skating” that will never be a problem.  Throughout the day we estimated 1000 people came through our doors.  Every skate that was available to use was given away.  You can just imagine how crowded the rink was!  Outside we were giving away hot dogs…600 to be exact.  There were many children with ketchup and mustard all over their faces!  There were plenty of us who could not resist the temptation to buy many of the children cotton candy, icees, and stickers.  Just seeing their faces light up made it impossible to say no.

Our main goal for the day was to bless the community and introduce them wholesale jerseys to who we were.  We spent a great deal of the day talking to people and letting them know what Lord’s Gym was about and our plans here in south sac.  When you looked out at the rink you saw many volunteers holding the hands of children and teaching them how to skate.  We also discovered Terry Douglas has a hidden talent…he can skate!   It is safe to say we had a blast that day and look forward to many more days to come where we can offer free skating.

Some of us left real quickly and went to one of our neighborhoods in south sac.  This particular apartment complex is less than two miles away from the Lord’s Gym. Pastor Becky Milton and the crew have been going there for over four years every Wednesday and have Here developed great relationships with the kids.  We wanted to pick some of them up so they could share in all the fun.  They never left our side and smiles never left their faces.  We dropped them off at the end of the day with stained tongues (from all the icees), full bellies, tired legs, and smiles from ear to ear.

We see the kids from the apartments every week on Wednesday nights when we go down to their complex.  They always look up at us and say, “Do you remember when you took us skating?  And they proceed to describe the day down to the last detail. They follow that up with, “when are we going again?”  We answer with, “soon…very soon.”  They don’t exactly understand everything we are doing and why we are doing it.  They just know cheap mlb jerseys they like to skate at the South Sac Lord’s Gym and that there are people who want to take them.

Someone once said, “the conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment, but the manufacturing of a saint is the task of a lifetime.”  That is to say our goal is not only to win people to Jesus but to then disciple them to serve Jesus.  That doesn’t happen overnight…it takes consistency

Never has there been a time where one can make a difference like now,  You matter…

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