Donnie Moore

Donnie Moore

Donnie Moore, Evangelist

For over 25 years, Radical Reality has reached over 5 million in the Public Schools!

Every day in the U.S.A., 3 children will die from child abuse. 9 children will be murdered. 27 will die from poverty. 30 will be wounded by a gun. 101 babies will die before their first birthday. 202 children will be arrested for drug offenses. 307 children will be arrested for crimes of violence. 340 will be arrested for drinking or drunk driving. 1,115 teenagers will have an abortion. 1,340 teenagers will have a baby. 2,255 teenagers will drop out of school. 5,703 teenagers will be a victim of a violent crime. 7,945 homeless will be reported as being abused or neglected. 100,000 young people will be homeless. 1,200,000 latchkey young people will arrive home alone where there are guns. 35 out of every 100 students are affiliated with or belong to a gang. So what can we do? We can bring hope! For every bad side, there is a good side, and that is where Radical Reality comes in…

They break bricks and bats, bend steel bars, rip phone books in half, and share a life changing message of hope! Topics such as drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, bullying, self esteem, and self Image have captivated audiences in 49 of 50 states in the US alone. Whether it’s in a High School, Jr. High, or continuation school, Radical Reality brings a dynamic presentation like no other! The Feats of Strength grab the attention of the crowd; the life changing stories grab their hearts!

Over 25 Years Partnering with the Church!

Throughout the past 25+ years, Donnie has traveled the United States & beyond speaking in Churches. God has moved mightily in these services, Salvation’s, Physical & Emotional Healings, Family Restorations, many baptized in the Holy Spirit and people called of God into Ministry. Whether a small or large church, it is Donnie’s hope that people would come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and discover their purpose in order to fulfill their destiny.

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