Joey Steelman

Joey Steelman

Joey Steelman, Senior Pastor

Joey & his wife Jennifer became the Pastor’s of Lakeview Assembly in January of 2010. Joey grew up on the streets of Sacramento, CA., living a life rooted in hurt, pain & violence. After a radical conversion in 1997, he joyfully accepted the call of God and began to travel all over the nation, as doors opened. Joey has had the privilege of speaking to over 2 million young people in the Public school arena alone. Sunday’s consisted of traveling to a different church each week, an opportunity Joey very much enjoyed. Now, as he, Jennifer and their 2 daughters are settled in Lakeview, they look forward to seeing what the Lord will do each week!

Our Vision is to build a strong body of Spirit-filled believers that will shake our community and the world with the reality of Jesus Christ.  Our leadership enthusiastically promotes contagious soul winning on every level of ministry – Children, Youth and Adults of all ages.  We strive to create an atmosphere that inspires leadership development, empowering and supporting the dreams and vision of ministry within the hearts of people.

Joey & Jennifer are living examples of what the power of God can do to change a life; and that is the desire of their heart, to see God’s power set others free. It’s a new day, He is a God of new beginnings, and this can be the best day of the rest of your life, because of the amazing grace of God!

You can find Pastor Joey Steelman at his church located HERE.