September Outreach/Oakland A’s Game

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September Outreach/Oakland A’s Game

September 14th Outreach:

As the day of our first official outreach in the South Sac Lord’s Gym approached we were full of anticipation.  Many questions filled our minds…could we really pull off an outreach with virtually no publicity in the community?  Will people come?  We answered all the questions with world! faith.  We knew God had called us to South Sac and so we were going to trust Him to do what we could not.  We pulled all of our resources together to come up with the most effective outreach we could.  It took many people to carry out this outreach.

We set up 800 chairs on the roller rink and there were two screens on both sides of the stage.  Outside we had an entire kid zone set up with our metro kids truck, and a bounce house.  We had raffle prizes which included a Nintendo Wii, Playstations, bikes, basketballs, skateboards, scooters, and much more.  As we put the final touches on the set up…there was nothing left to do but wait…

As we waited for people to show up we wondered if all the thousands of tickets we had handed out and the hundreds of flyers we had posted would draw a crowd.  There we all were…numerous volunteers set in place.  There were parking lot attendants, crowd control, security guards, greeters at the doors, people handing out raffle tickets, people guarding the raffle prizes, alter call workers and others who didn’t know what to do!  We all looked at each other and wondered, “will people come?”

A few cars began to trickle in and then something incredible happened…more cars came.  All of a sudden people by the hundreds began walking up.  And then there was a line of cars down the street waiting to pull into the parking lot.  It is hard to describe that first feeling seeing all those cars.  It was such an incredible sight.  We all looked at each other amazed.  We had prayed for this moment and we had planned for this moment but we were still overcome with excitement at the sight of all those people.  All at once we snapped out of our sense of awe and realized we had work to do!  cheap jerseys We began greeting people, showing people to their seats, handing out raffle tickets, and talking to the crowd telling them what to expect.  It is hard to say how long this went on for. We delayed starting on time because people were cheap jerseys still coming.

The best way to describe the night would be controlled chaos!  Over 2000 people showed up that we could count.  Crowd control was vital.   Juaquin Fabela started the night out with some high energy rapping that instantly drew the crowd in.  Radical reality came out and did feats of strength and captured the crowd’s attention almost immediately.  Donnie Moore began to speak from his heart and share with the crowd how God had changed his life and many were receptive.  When it came time to give the altar call over 350 people responded.  Everything comes down to that moment.  That is why we do what we do, that is why we invest money, and that is why we are starting a Lord’s Gym in South Sac.  To see a life changed by the Glory of God.  What a beautiful moment that is to witness.

We ended the night giving many raffle prizes away and giving over 300 tickets to the Oakland A’s game.  We thought the night was over as the crowd left cheap mlb jerseys only to find out we were being introduced to the area we are going to reach.  No sooner had the crowd exited through our doors had a mini riot broke out in the parking lot!  It all is a blur but there was punching, screaming, a helicopter, and cops!  You know you’re making the devil mad when he tries to pull that off right after a monumental outreach.  It didn’t work …everyone was fine and it actually went in our favor.  Lord’s Gym South Sac got its first introduction to the police.  They know we’re here now!

It was such a ground breaking night.  All of us who were apart Nfl of it knew we were a part of important history of Lord’s Gym South Sac.  That night superseded our expectations.  One thing was for sure…we had learned drawing a crowd was not going to be a problem!!!

September 15th Oakland A’s Game:

Less than 24 hours after our first outreach we were back at Prints the Lord’s Gym in South Sac ready for phase two!  We gave away over 300 tickets to the Oakland A’s baseball game/faith day the night before.  Our theme buses were all lined up ready to go…we just needed people to come back and fill them.  Again we had many volunteers come back out to help (you can imagine what a bus world! full of children might look like without volunteers).  It didn’t take long for people to start showing up…there were teenagers, children, and parents with their children about.  All in all about 200 people rode up on our buses.  Everyone was given a snack for the ride up.

We gave everyone shirts we had specifically designed for the day.  As we pulled up to the stadium and the cheap nfl jerseys kids, teenagers, parents, and volunteers poured out of the buses we looked like a sea of yellow.  It wasn’t hard to stand out in a crowd!  What a treat it was to see the faces on the children as we walked them to their seats and they saw the field to the first time.  Each of them were given a food voucher for a hotdog, chips, and a soda.

After the game we all proceeded over to the third base side and listened to a powerful message from Donnie Moore (the Oakland A’s chaplain), and the rest of Radical Reality (Joey Steelman, Terry Douglas, Juaquin Fabela, and Carlos Figueroa).  We heard from some of the players and coaches on the team.  They shared how their relationship with God plays a huge role in their career.

The highlight of the day came when Donnie gave an invitation to know Jesus and we watched as the hands of those wearing yellow shirts went up.  It was such a beautiful sight one that filled our eyes with tears.  I believe we all as volunteers wholesale jerseys shared a common thought, “this is worth it!”  God began to really work on hearts in that stadium when Donnie started talking about relationships with fathers.  He began to talk about how you may not have a good relationship with your father but God wants to fill that void.  We watched as kids from South Sac responded to what was being said.  A hush just filled the stadium and all that could be heard were gentle sobs.  Amy Gottlieb went to the piano and began to play and sing softly as many of us had a chance to talk with some of the young people.  This was such a wonderful day.

An image that sticks out is a father with his arm around his son sitting in their seats, wearing their yellow shirts, eating hot dogs.  The son looked so excited and the father looked so content.  And you just knew this moment was special for them.  It was such an honor to be apart of that special day.

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